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Exclusive champagne for special occasions

With our “Family & Friends” membership, we offer you an exclusive access to our special offers in our Champagne Shop. Register as a member under the link below.

For our retail and wholesale customers:

Champagne flutes by Ritzenhoff

Champagne cooler in white translucent

Cocktail napkins in white

The perfect champagne for every occasion

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Are you looking for a special highlight for your party? We offer you a first-class selection of champagnes for your party. Choose from our exclusive range.

Champagner für Catering und Cateringunternehmen


You want to present a special Campagne for your wedding guests? The festival should be a highlight with a touch of luxury. Our champagne is a perfect companion for your exceptional celebration.

Champagner für Gourmetrestaurants


With our champagne your party becomes an exclusive event. Our champagne stands for absolute uniqueness and your guests will be enchanted.